planetary combinations for IT software jobs in astrology

Astrological combination for IT /computers/ engg. career :

Venus is the karak planet of computers. Mars is the planet of electrical or civil engineering and land. Mercury is the planet of sculpting, logic and calculation. Saturn is the planet of technical and instrumental works. Sun in conjunction with Mars helps to become an engineer.

I have found that two planets that are responsible for bringing person in IT, are Mars and Sun. Mars is a planet for engineering and Sun is the planer for information technology.If these two planets are conjoining or aspecting each other, it gives some indication of a job in IT.

Rahu is a planet of maneouvering and innovative ideas and, as such, the ideal planet for Software Engineering.

-Mars makes one Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer as well as Civil Engineer. Reason, Mars is a fiery planet and these sectors are related to fire in one or the other form. Mars also represents land and no civil engineering related work could be done without support from the land.

Venus fine tune one as Architectural Engineer and in the field of Architectural designing. Reason, Venus is a planet of beauty, designing and planning.

When it comes actual career in IT Rahu is the most important factor I have seen in my experience. Rahu is the karaka of new age technology, software, aerospace, programming and dealing with electric storm of new age which is the internet and cloud computing. Rahu shows things which are undiscovered, untapped, out of the ordinary and things related to invisible connection like wifi.

3rd house is information of all type. Gathering information, arranging information, distributing information. Without the support of this house IT field cannot exist. What I mostly see if people go into IT without the support of 3rd house and question why they are not successful. Software engineer does not require 3rd house but IT does. 3rd house is also skills of all types, technical and creative.

5th house is education. it’s our bachelors degree. It’s your skills like the 3rd house since 5th is bhavat bhavam of 3rd house.

9th house is your post grad education.

10th house is your work environment and your highest of impact in this world.

The planet Mercury is very much linked to engineering or technical education and career because it represents intellect, mathematics and mechanical engineering as well.

If the planets Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketuin fluence the significations of education and career they create interest and aptitude for engineering line. The Signs which Represent Engineering Line … The airy signs viz. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius indicate technical education.

Any association between Saturn and Mars.

• Any association between Mars and Rahu.

• Influence of Sun or Mercury or both over the 4th, 5th, 9thor 10th house.

Mercury with Mars indicates mechanical engineering

• Mercury with Venus indicates chemical engineering.

• Mercury with Venus and Mars indicates Computer engineering

• Mercury influencing Saturn gives interest in Civil Engineering

• Mercury along with Jupiter having association with Saturn can give interest in Financial Engineering

if such a planet is in any of the angular houses, it lends a bias for that type of occupation.

Sun Administration, leadership, classical professions, accounting, architecture, engineering, law, medicine

Moon Arts & entertainment, domestic services, esthetics, hospitality industry, nurturing professions

Mars Security, competitions (sports, litigation), combustion, construction, dismantling, skills based on strength

Mercury Agency & brokering, business, analysis, calculation, communication

Jupiter Counseling, investments, ministry, oratory, teaching, wisdom, writing

Venus Art, adornment, beauty, culture, luxury, high-living products & services, pets, social pastimes, textiles, transportation

Saturn Time, labor, land, manufacturing, tools & machines, recycling, guarded traditions, secret endeavors, old/dead/ancient/derelict pursuits, rock/stone/inert matter

Rahu/Ketu Drugs, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, fuels, photography, computers, video games, new technologies, inventions, illusion, movies, buffoonery, fraud, occult, secrets, import/export, mysticism & metaphysics

For example, a planet is strong in its own or exalted sign, when it has dig bala (directional strength), when retrograde, or as a full Moon. It is weak when debilitated, combust, in a planetary war (conjunct another true planet within one degree), or as a new Moon. Once we determine the relative hierarchy of angular planets, it’s often the strongest among them that will give the client a bias for a particular career.

The table below provides a list of possible careers when one or more planets occupy angular houses at the same time. The list does not account for one planet’s dominance over another, as discussed in the earlier section, although that’s something to always keep in mind.

SU Administration, organization, control, politics

SU/MA Administration, medicine

SU/MA/JU Politics

SU/MA/SA Medicine

SU/JU Healing, religion, spirituality

MO/MA/SA Sports

MO/JU Travel

MO/VE Arts, beautification, crafts, esthetics, food, beverage

MO/VE/SA Entertainment

MA/ME Computers


MA/VE Sex, scandal, primal charisma

MA/SA Construction, labor, police, military,

competition, confrontation, technology, science, tools, machinery

MA/SA/ME Engineering, sports business, machinery, metal, electrical

MA/SA/RA Science

ME/JU Communication, media, acting, writing, advising, counseling, humanities

ME/JU/VE Education

ME/SA Business

JU/VE Counselor, advisor, stage acting

JU/SA/RA Occult

VE Arts

SA Heavy labor

RA/KE Unusual, different, illusion, innovation, new technology

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